Doug Copeland CONNECTIONS Bio

Published On: November 21, 2016

Quality Engineer

Years at Bay: 18

Quick facts:
Born and raised in Sheffield Lake, OH. Currently lives in Lakewood, Ohio with my fiancée Jill, her two sons, and our dog Rocco.

What are three things you have a passion for?
Cleveland sports teams (even the Browns), my family, and friends.

You have to give up one food forever and eat only one forever. What would they be?
I would give up coconut, I can’t stand the taste of it. Bacon I would eat forever, no question.

What are your proudest accomplishments professionally and personally?
Professionally – being with a great company for 18 years and counting.

Personally – being able to go back to college and get my degree.

What are your favorite things about Cleveland/NE Ohio?
The food and craft beer scene in the Cleveland area is one of the best in the country. Cleveland has been especially fun with the Cavs winning the NBA Championship and the Indians taking the Cubs to Game 7 of the World Series. It has been a good time to be from Cleveland.

Would you rather...

Eat a worm or go bungee-jumping?
I have done both, but would rather bungee jump again.

Be a cat or a dog?
Dog, I am a dog person.

Only travel by mule or unicycle?


What was your favorite thing about your favorite vacation destination?
My favorite vacation destination is the Florida Keys. I enjoyed seeing the turquoise water during the drive from Key Largo to Key West, the laid back vibe of the Keys, and the snorkeling.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What is one thing that nobody knows about you?

I have always wanted to fly a jet.

If you could have the ability to teleport for one day, where would you travel?
I would teleport to the Maldives and do some snorkeling.

If you could have the superpower of your choice, what would it be?
Probably the ability to see into the future. I think I could have fun in Las Vegas with it.

Best and worst summer job?
Best summer job was a roofer. I loved being outside, getting a workout, and being paid cash. As a 16 year old, it was great.

Worst summer job was a side job painting a house. I do not like painting at all.

If you could have dinner with anybody, who would it be?
Either one of my grandfathers. I never met either of them.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

The egg, that is where chickens come from.

Why is it that night falls but day breaks?

Some people like their cucumbers pickled.

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