Mark Altstadt CONNECTIONS Bio

Published On: May 15, 2013

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Years at Bay: 20

Quick facts:
Born in Chicago. Also lived in Atlanta, Baton Rouge and Cleveland. Oldest of 4 boys to Ron & Judy. Earned BS at Ashland University and MBA at Cleveland State. Married my wife, Jen, in 1991 and have two sons, Jacob & Nathan.

What are three things you have a passion for?
Travel. Youth athletics. Health & Fitness.

You have to give up one food forever and eat only one forever. What would they be?
I would give up any sort of organ meat - - - Yuck!!! I love seafood, especially fresh fish.

What are your proudest accomplishments professionally and personally?
My proudest personal accomplishment is becoming a father and raising my two sons, Jacob and Nathan, with my wife, Jen. My proudest professional accomplishment is working with the great people here at Bay Corporation to become a well respected company in the medical gas industry.

What are your favorite things about Cleveland/NE Ohio?
The people. The culture. 4 seasons. Pro sports teams: Indians, Cavaliers & Browns. Park system.

Would you rather... eat a worm or go bungee-jumping?
Bungee Jumping. I think it would be a blast as long as the bungee holds!

Be a cat or a dog?
Dog. No question about it. I am a dog lover and a cat "dis-liker."

Only travel by mule or unicycle?
Mule. Mules are very smart animals and don't mind hard work.

What was your favorite thing about your favorite vacation destination?
Caribbean islands. I love the blue water, the weather and the people.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Professional basketball player.

What is one thing that nobody knows about you?
If I told you then it would not be a secret any more!

Who will be the first Cleveland sports team to win a championship this century?
It's going to be a tight race. All three teams (Browns, Cavaliers and Indians) are making moves to boast their respective teams to make a run at it. This town will go nuts no matter which team it is.

If you could have the ability to teleport for one day, where would you travel?
This is a very hard question and one that I have thought about often. I would love to be able to travel throughout the United States prior to the settlement by the white man and see the country in its pristine state.

If you could have the superpower of your choice, what would it be?
Fly. I could go anywhere at anytime.

Best and worst summer job?
My worst summer job was when I worked for the city services and was on garbage pick-up. My best summer job was when I worked for the city services in the sign department.

If you could have dinner with anybody, who would it be?
As a Christian, I would love to have dinner with Jesus.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how would we ever know?
We would not, now would we?


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