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1) Can I buy your products direct?

We sell our products direct to Original Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors. If you are a Hospital or some other end user then we ask that you contact us for a referral.

2) Can I purchase online?

We do not currently offer an e-commerce option to our website. If you prefer to purchase online then we ask you contact us for a referral to one of our e commerce partners.

3) What is your warranty?

We warrant all the parts sold hereunder for one year from the date of shipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship as well as to conform to our written specifications to the parts. Please note the distinction between “defects” and “damage” as used in this warranty: defects are covered because we, the manufacturer, are responsible: however, we have no control over damage caused by such things as misuse or improper installation. Please refer to our Warranty and Remedy document for more details.

4) What are the unique benefits of Bay Corporation’s gas fittings?

We take great care to design, engineer and manufacture all of our gas fittings to exacting tolerances. We pay special attention to detail in our craftsmanship and the results produce a superior quality fitting, one that you would be proud to install on your medical gas equipment or at your hospital.

5) Can your fittings be repaired?

All of our products are designed to be non-repairable, including our line of quick-connects, international fittings and hose assemblies. This feature is for safety reasons.