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Product Catalog / Insufflator Connections

Insufflator Connections

From cylinders

Used for connections between Insufflators and high-pressure gas cylinders with post-type valves. These items meet strict CGA guidelines


Pin-indexed Yoke Assembly

CGA 940 x 1/4" SAE male flare

Part # 9406 (click for more information)



Flexible Pigtail

36" long, stainless steel with dual 1/4" SAE female flare end-connections

Part # FP-123 (click for more information)

From outlets

Used for connections between Insufflators and house gas supply (i.e. wall outlets) or high-pressure gas regulators


Low pressure hose assembly

36" long, grey PVC conductive hose with DISS 1080-A Female x 1/4" SAE female flare

(equipped with a one-way check valve for safety and to ensure proper use)

Part # IN-1080  (click for more information)